Welcome home...
Si tu vedisse ‘o mare ‘e Margellina quanno cu l’onne vasa ‘sti scugliere, e pure si mo’ l’acqua nun è chiara, sceta sempe ‘a poesia dint’e penziere.
Welcome home...
Oj furastiera, vienetenne ccà si vuo’ scurdà ‘sti ppene, t’aspetta ‘o mare ‘e Napule… E, inziem’a mme, tu nun ‘o lasse cchiù.
Welcome home...
Sempe ‘stu mare ‘e Napule viecchie e guagliune ‘o teneno dint’o core. ‘O juorno ‘o sole d’oro ‘o fa lucente e ‘a notte brilla cu migliare ‘e stelle, ‘a luna mette ‘n core ‘o sentimente p’’e ‘nnammurate ca se vonno bene.

Welcoming Bed and Breakfast in the heart of Naples

Our B&B

Roberto and Caterina are waiting for you in their home in the ancient Greek Agora, today Piazza San Gaetano, to offer you a coffee on the terrace. The modernly renovated penthouse, complete with all comforts, allows for an intense cultural stroll due to its ideal centrality.

The incomparable view of the domes of the churches of the Decumano Maggiore and the suggestion of Vesuvius, the sea and the Vomero hill will accompany your stay. In addition, instead of the traditional breakfast served by the owners, you can take advantage, for your personal needs or for a long stay, of the self-catering formula with a fully equipped kitchenette for four people


Choose the room that best meets your needs

"A friendly place where my works feel at
 home, where they are treated like family,
where, vainly, they can enjoy the glances
 of other guests and feel loved.
A place where they don't miss me."

Alessandro Cocchi